Manosphere boilerplate / Summarization #1

This was saved on my iPad over a year ago. It’s a concise summarization of much of the ‘Sphere from a page I can’t remember. If anyone out there knows the original page, add a link to it in the comments section. I’ll comment further later on.

ybm says:
November 19, 2012 at 4:24 pm
It’s not really complicated. It’s mostly manosphere boilerplate to be honest Deti:

Women want options when their value is high, commitment when it is lower.
They want hookups when they want them, commitment when they don’t.
They want sex when they want it, resources when they don’t.
They want bad boys when they want them, betas when they don’t.

The thing is, that they expect all of this, while men are expected to have no options about value/commitment, sex to only occur on a woman’s terms, and no sex, commitment, and be stripped of their resources when they are withheld.


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