The Fresh Air Fetish and the Slamming Door Symphony

The fresh air

My vice principal keeps an open door policy, and not just the figurative idea of always being available: His office door is literally open all the time. This would make no matter if his office wasn’t part of the larger 교무실 (teachers office), but it does because his open door does us no favors during the winter. All the combined hot air of the teachers room’s three overhead heaters goes to waste thanks to his negligently leaving the door open all day, thereby letting the frigid winter air waft its way into the room and keep us all in a state of refrigeration. As Korean schools don’t usually have central heating and Koreans usually keep the outside doors of the schools open (at least in the country) for “airflow,” the schools are basically cold all the frakkin’ time. One of the outside doors sits not 20 feet from the VP’s door. Whether he likes to keep us cold and waste heat or he just doesn’t care is yet to be determined.

The slamming doors

Holy Moses Malone do my high school students delight in slamming doors as harshly as possible. The doors clang and slam at double intervals every hour: Once to signal the end of one class and once more to signal the end of the 10 minute passing time and the beginning of another class. Much of the time, they make as much noise as possible so they can squeeze all the drama they can from their over scheduled lives. Those 10 minutes between classes provide endless delights for the petty and dramatic as well as recurring assaults on the ears of yours truly. How the doors stay intact is a miracle of engineering. Why nobody’s told them to frakkin’ stop it already, well, who knows.

Oh well. I’ll have a respite from this nonsense soon enough, for Lady Buckeye and I will be flying out to Vietnam come the morrow. Rock on and stay tuned for more.


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