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The real reason Korean teachers come to class late

Korea 101: The kids live at school.


In the United States, classes start when the bell rings. In Korea, classes begin when the Korean teacher walks into the room, which — let’s be honest — is usually a few minutes after the bell rings.

I’ve often wondered about this cultural difference. Are the teachers just lazy? Or are they really that busy? Maybe they are just giving the students a few extra minutes to settle?

Today, my question was answered. I can now tell you beyond any shadow of a doubt why Korean teachers wait until a few minutes after the bell rings to head to class. It’s so they don’t catch anyone with their pants down.

Let me spell that out for you. I literally walked into a classroom — full of students — about five minutes before the bell and found one boy in the front of the room with no pants on.

His shocked…

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Watch “The Velvet Underground – New Age (Full-Length Version)” on YouTube

I had written a blurb about why this song is here, but it must have gotten lost in posting. The Velvets have been a long time favorite; _Loaded_ is my favorite LP of theirs. It may indeed be their best one. As it played over the headphones earlier, I remembered that I’d meant to write something about “New Age” and its lines about the fat actress being “over the hill” and “looking for love” for two reasons:

One, their relevance to the Manosphere. Others have written at length about the 30 and 40-something women who squandered their earlier years on throwaway relationships and decided to “look for the one” after realizing they didn’t want to end up as cat ladies.

Two, the song came out in 1970, making Lou Reed’s lines eerily prescient. As I mentioned on 80 Proof Oinomancy’s most recent post, we in the ‘sphere and elsewhere have much to gain from studying music and literature. The truth is out there. Enjoy the slow burning melodies and the cynical lyrics…