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Even Plato understood MGTOW

The Knight makes an excellent point about The Republic and about classic literature in general: Many have an idea of what the work’s about, but few can actually comprehend it or apply it to issues of today. I read Plato a long time ago and figure it’s high time to give him another read. Indeed, The Republic is a seminal work about how to build the perfect nation-state ruled by a philosopher-king. It also features an excellent passage about MGTOW. See for yourself here…

Erudite Knight - On the search for truth

I was making my way through ‘The Republic’ by Plato yesterday when I came across a particularly passage I will share in a moment.

Quickly though I wanted to mention that like most books ‘everyone’ seems to know a little about, the primary knowledge is no where near what the books actual message is.  I see this pattern a lot, everyone talks about books in this general knowledge sort of way, and those messages I have found to be about 100% NOT what the pseudo-elites pretend they know about it.

For example another book I just finished was Thus Spoke Zarathustra by F. Nietzsche, for a long time until I educated myself I thought Nietzche was FOR nihilism.  Little did I know this gem of a book rails against nihilism and how the superior man should take his rightful place.

Anyway, so The Republic, conventionally understood as some feel-good novel…

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