Diligently arriving early to do nothing

A miracle happened this morning. It was something neither myself not my corrected could have foreseen: Everyone including the kid I’ve dubbed Hangover Boy arrived on time with materials in hand. In fact, many arrived so.earlier that I forgot that class didn’t officially start for two minutes at one point. What is the reason for this miraculous event?

A study hall.

A study hall that half of them did not know about, judging from their reaction to my announcement. This week’s the dreaded Week Before the Exams, wherein the students have a collective 멘붕 over their upcoming tests and proceed to conquer their fears of low grades by doing naught but bitching.

Before me sits the vaunted Korean studying machine, a machine fueled by Kakao talk, entitlement, and ramyeon. They showed up to moan and mash buttons with religious fervor because doing so
‘s easier than learning the stuff they complain about not knowing. Whatever. I’m just glad they’re awake.


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