The Ultimate Guide to Being a Man

In which Danny tips us off about a book called The Intellectual Life by Phillip G Hamerton, an oldie but goodie from 1877. The Kindle edition is free, so get that app and download it. I’ve been picking away at various sections and have found it informative and insightful. Hamerton, like many other 1800s writers, tends to write long and winding sentences, but they thankfully don’t obscure his message. Some of it comes down to “less is more” and how focus of work works better than hours spent at work. Specifically, worry more about wasting hours than minutes.
As an aside, his section on language and how taking a week to learn the “survival” words and phrases will work better for traveling than mastering this and that grammar rang true with me. I’ve found Koreans will forgive poor grammar if I got the main idea or key words right in a given expression. Enjoy!


the sphere is not short on writer’s and their books. i’ve read a few and have nothing bad to say about any of them. well, i was sorting through books to take to vegas to read if we’re ever lounging outside and i stumbled upon a book i realized i should have posted about LOOOOOOOONG ago.

i was home in NO and stopped in my local used book shop where they have a decent antique books section. in case you haven’t been keeping score, i LOVE antique books. i collect them. well, i ran across a book titled, “The Intellectual Life”, by Phillip G. Hamerton: dated 1877, first edition, published in boston. Cost me $12.

i can’t read it though. if it’s not treated gingerly, the pages may come off the binding. but what little I could read piqued my interest.

on a hunch, i looked it up in amazon…

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