Waking up hungry for breakfast…and life

Good morning everyone!

The sun is shining and it’s going to be a warm day. Aww yeah…

Every morning* I wake up starving. Starving to not only eat something, but to do something, go somewhere, or otherwise kick some ass. If it’s a weekday I want to get into the classroom and have fun with the kids. If it’s a weekend, I want to go out there and get stuff done. The sun is up and the day has just begun. I’ve already eaten and am making the plans for the day. Normally I’d be with Lady Buckeye, but she’s on a business trip until Monday. She’s moving to my province and thus needed to attend an orientation….not that that would change the basic outline of the morning: Wake up, eat, drink coffee, read emails and blog posts, and get moving. Staying in bed has never been for me anyway.

Some of us can go without breakfast or shun it altogether, but not me. Having some food in the stomach helps get the gears turning and squelches the rumbles in the stomach. While The Red Pill Journal said “Forget to eat once in a while,” skipping breakfast for any reason has always led to fatigue in my case. Thanks to the early start yesterday morning with helping Lady Buckeye to her destination, breakfast didn’t happen. The energy was needed, though. Oh well, to each his own on that one.

It’s Sunday morning right now and unlike many others my age, no hangovers are dragging this man down. I pity those whose who wake up with their head on fire and curse the daylight; I was once among them. Not anymore. The time’s too valuable to waste on things that can be avoided. Judas Priest had it right:

If you think I’ll sit around as the world goes by
You’re thinking like a fool because it’s a case of do or die
— “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin'” [Screaming for Vengeance, 1982]

Dale Carnegie wrote about making a plan for every hour of the day.** While I’ve never made that detailed of a plan for the day, his point was to actively think about what you will accomplish in the 24 hours we all have. Having a plan means a concrete list of tasks to do or things to complete. It is the cure for bumbling about the day and doing nothing. So no, I’m not sitting around today. By sundown, I will have:

Revised the HS lesson plans for the week
Worked on the HS semester outline
Played at least 3 albums of tunes – Got 2.5 in.

Taken a walk and a bike ride

Played the guitar
Drafted something for the blog
Completed other household tasks.

And frankly, more will happen. I would have met a friend or two today, but everyone appears to be either out of town or busy. It happens. I’m good on my own. A man’s gotta keep moving. Rock on…

*Yeah, I’m a morning guy now. Teaching and realizing that partying until dawn means the next day is shot will do that to you.

** From How to Start Worrying and Start Living.

This morning’s rock and roll:

A smoking live take from 1983. The whole concert comes as a bonus DVD on the 30th Anniversary Edition of Screaminf for Vengeance.

Motörhead’s “Another Perfect Day.” The title track from the album of theirs that I play the most.


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