Joining the phone zombies

It has happened. Until yesterday, it was me and a grandma in South Jeolla who didn’t have a smart phone. I now have a Samsung Galaxy phone and can read stuff or play games anywhere at any time. The freedom to walk like a zombie has arrived.The students and staff of the school will surely notice something’s up.

Within 12 hours of ownership, I’ve already read in bed with it. Normally, I read stuff on the iPad, but the phone is easier to hold than the iPad.

A gracious coteacher brokered exchange of the phones at the local SK store. The exchange took around 90 minutes. It took longer than all three of us has imagined, but given that there were foreigners involved, things had to be sent in and approved. We should be lucky the phone exchange worked as well as it did, since the guy originally said it would take a week for everything to switch over. After some more of the paperwork, he changed that time to one day. We liked one day better. But just as we were making plans to regroup on the morrow, he said something like, “Screw it, the company won’t like this, but we can change the phones now.” And good for that. He was probably stretching the truth, but maybe he thought that the weeklong wait would make us have second thoughts and that we’d take our business elsewhere? A better reason has to do with being with two attractive women. Maybe he did it because he liked my friend’s brown eyes? I’d read of the “blue-eyed special” before; being an attractive female has its advantages.

As an added bonus, the old phone got switched over to “prepay” status, which benefited my friend because she’s going to do a little sightseeing around Korea before she flies out. Woohoo.


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