Impending phone zombiedom

Some people are leaving town this week because their contracts are finish. With their departures comes a spate of stuff to sell or give away. One such thing is a neighbor’s smart phone. I’ve never had one before. I’d planned on delaying getting a smart phone for as long as possible because for all their positive features, they tend to turn people (esp those in Korea) into zombies who can’t take their eyes off the touchscreen. The phone my co-teacher help me get upon arrival may be an outmoded flipper, but it made calls and sent messages. It took pictures until the sensor broke too. It did everything a phone needs to do.

But alas, the venerable old piece of junk’s gone to shorting out and dropping calls, so this smart phone will be good. The change had to come at some point. I’ll have maps, a dictionary, and that oh so wonderful Kakaotalk app to futz with at will. The bill will go up, but at least I’ll be able to actually type things. Maybe the call quality will sound better. At any rate, I vow to keep the thing out of sight and watch baseball games while walking around.


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