Ruminations on Red 2

(Spoilers ahead)

I saw Red 2 last night and it’s a good one. It’s better than the first Red thanks to having more explosions and an equally explosive cast of characters. While I watched it on the giant screen, the following things came to mind: The Manosphere will enjoy discussing this one, for the following reasons…

  • Red 2 has a textbook example of female intrasexual competition in the form of Sara meeting Frank’s sultry Russian ex. Sara goes feral when she learns about their past and takes to dressing more suggestively and to acting much more sexual around him.
  • Frank goes beta as hell by shying away from action so he can protect Sara. She longs for the action–and she eventually gets it–but only after she convinces him that he needs to throw down and kick some bad guy ass. He eventually gets back to the alpha dude she fell for in the first place.
  • Marvin gains all kinds of points with Sara by not treating like her like “a china doll” and instead trusting her to know what she’s doing.
  • Ivan has a great way of romanticizing Victoria the British killing machine. Words matter.

And on a more general note, go see it. Rock on…


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