Failure to Apply Practical Knowledge aka Driving: You’re Doing it Wrong.

Here are three videos of dash cam footage taken from Korea’s finest drivers. Perhaps you’ll get the feeling that people drove as if it’s a video game. Perhaps you’ll why anyone doesn’t look around and acknowledge their surroundings. And if you’re like me, you’ll marvel at exactly how many of these accidents involve compact cars.

Now consider these accidents in relation to what Via Korea and I have posted earlier about spatial awareness. Look familiar? Indeed, for all of Korea’s fabled “nunchi,” a lot of people act like the world should bend for them and not the other way around. After 2 years of bus, taxi, and car rides over here, it’s a wonder nothing has happened. Every now and then, a co-teacher will ask, “Have you ever thought about getting a car?” I can only shake my head and say no, “It’s not worth it.” The videos explain why.


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