Week-after-school madness

I don’t know what the funniest thing about this post is, but my coteachers do the same thing with the monologues. They launch into a long winded explanation of many “So…and so…and it came to pass”s and I’m left wondering what the relevance is until my logic circuits kick in and I interrupt with, “What do I have to do?” It’s shortened many conversations. I dislike being impolite, but half the time the teachers are tripping over themselves trying to explain stuff that isn’t mission critical.

Also, the habit of breaking into crazy vowel sounds is part of Korean 101. When in a state of emotion, simply elongate the ends of EVERY sentence. Mere words can become whole paragraphs that way.

Super Ray

I don’t remember going to school after exams. maybe there was one or two days where we sat around and entertained ourselves, but that’s it. 

Korea loves having a week of school AFTER exams, and I have no idea what to do. Do I do new work? Revise? Why revise? They’ve already written the exam. Do I start on the next semester’s work? Do I do fun, light, interesting lessons? (newsflash, I try to do that with every class and nothing I have ever done has resulted in joy from my students. They hate class. Period. I don’t know how to make it more interesting) Regardless of my choice the kids don’t want to learn. Which is nothing new at my school, but now they’re practically riotous. Plus it’s just plain hot in the classroom and nobody is happy. 
Korea: Give your kids a break! 

Anyway, here’s some random events…

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