On ‘Geek Girls’

I shared this article with a few friends and asked them for their thoughts. A female pen pal named Adonia in the USA wrote back with the letter below. She mentions how she enjoys how female characters like Catwoman show their power by being sexy. It’s a point that’s lost amid the debate over how women are portrayed in this genre. She goes on to note how “Fake Geek Girls” and how they know next to nothing about the characters they like or the genre they enjoy playing. She is, in essence, talking about posers. Posers are the problem here: Those who show up thinking they know it all, but really don’t. The ones who are doing it for the attention. Nowadays it’s the popular thing for a woman to call herself a “Girl gamer” and barge in demanding extra special care about her opinions on games and gaming. Read and enjoy…

Thank you for sharing this.

Everyone (some) who goes to look into my profile would know of my hobbies that I enjoy very much.

In all honesty, I don’t want feminists to change any images to something that I enjoy and many others who enjoy.

The sexualized of many female characters shows their power by being very sexy besides being superhuman. I love Catwoman. I love how Batman gets weak in the knees with her skin tight cat suit and whip. To change that, would lose all meaning.

As for video games, the Legend of Zelda comes to mind. Link always has always had to rescue Princess Zelda (except for a couple games he didn’t had have to such as Majora’s Mask). The whole point of the game is to go through many trials to save the Princess and I enjoy it very much.

If these so-called geek girls should know that Samus (Metroid Prime) Lara Croft (Tomb Raider), Faith ( Mirror’s Age) Princess Kitana, Milenna, Jade, Sonya Blade, Sindel, Sheeva, (Mortal Kombat), Chun Li, Cammy (Street Fighter) and the list goes on are women who kick major asses.

I had to face everyday, fake geek girls. I have to see all these girls bragging about dressing in Cosplay but don’t know the life story of their character they’re portraying. I have to deal with girls who said they play Battle Field or Call of Duty considered themselves ‘Gamer Girls’ but never heard of Shinobi or Onimusha nor heard of any Classic Video Games. I have to deal with girls wearing these stupid ‘nerd’ glasses and call themselves Nerds. I have to deal with girls wearing superhero shirts but do not know the differences or which Superhero belongs either Marvel or DC. To me, these girls are fake just for guys to like them.

I do not want to see any changes nor do I care what if they feel offended because these characters (purely fictional characters) are too sexy. If they do not like it, they can stop reading, playing video games or anything the deals with the Geek/Nerd culture. Leave my shit alone!

Free Northerner

Here are two articles from one Alyssa Rosenberg in Slate. The first is about how there is no such thing as “fake geek girls”. The second advocates feminists in science fiction push their ideology on the SFWA and push out and censoring established male SF writers.

Of course, Alyssa sees no contradiction between these two asserations; in fact, linking to the former article in the latter.

As someone who enjoys SF, among a variety of other nerdy hobbies, I would like to comment on this.

I have no problem with women writing SF, reading SF, or participating in any other nerdy activities. I also have no problem with women who participate in some nerdy activities and not others, for whatever reasons. There’s nothing wrong with a girl (or a guy) who likes Dr. Who, but doesn’t like D&D.

My problem is not women who engage in whatever nerdy activities…

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2 thoughts on “On ‘Geek Girls’

  1. Erudite Knight

    Oh god…feminists descending on scifi….what is ironic is that I would say in a lot of ways scifi is a ‘true progressive’ genre generally, the women are ‘equal’ with the men because of genetic engineering etc.

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