Alpha as Shit Song I’m Feeling: Blurred Lines

I read the lyrics and liked them, but I didn’t get around to hearing the song until today (it rocks) when I heard The Daily Fail ran a story about it Evidently some are angry because of the song’s lyrics and the accompanying video about women acting sexy. The Daily Beast wrote an article that described the song as “Kind of Rapey.” The “outrage” has begun…<br><br>

First–“Kind of rapey”? Dammit, if there’s one thing I loathe, it’s flabby and unspecific language. I’m sick of hearing “Kind of” and “sort of” and having “y/-ey” appended to words. Either we call it what it is or we dance around the issue. Robin Thicke’s song’s about a dude whose girl’s giving him the IOIs. He’s going to make his move and take her. It’s not a new subject for a pop song, especially and R&B one.<br><br>

So what if the song makes you “uncomfortable”? Reader-response criticism has done great things for getting students and adults alike to talk about their feelings toward texts, but it’s also made every subjective opinion as valid and monolithic as anyone else’s. If someone feels the song’s bad or it makes him uncomfortable, fine. That’s one opinion. But that’s all it is: An opinion. <br><br>

Watch the video and enjoy the tune. It’s a fun one. It may not be fun for the whole family, but it’s grooving and salacious all the same. Danny’s right in his analysis of the words, too.

<br><br> <br>

EDIT: For more examples of “rapey” rock and roll tunes, see here: <br><br>
Rolling Stones – Stray Cat Blues<br>

Beatles – Run For Your Life<br>

Aerosmith – Back in the Saddle<br>

Stooges – Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell<br>

Judas Priest – Trouble Shooter, Eat Me Alive


since i dropped a repost that most of you have already read, i decided to put up a crispy fresh post. enjoy.

this song rocks a fat ass. always kinda dug robin thicke. add to it the fact that he has a version featuring 3 topless models….obvious NSFW. the NSFW link is at the bottom, the first video is SFW.

song’s sick. he’s totally owning the sexual side of her. it’s everything i try to instill in guys: own the frame, be flirty, fun and never shy away from the sexual side. i’d LOVE to hear a woman reading this blog say she’s offended by this song. this is now my pre game song.

notice the “good girl” reference. lol. how many times have i brought this line up. and no shit- the brunette in the video looks just like my bartender ex lyssia. let’s look at the lyrics (emphasis…

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5 thoughts on “Alpha as Shit Song I’m Feeling: Blurred Lines

    1. errantbuckeye Post author

      I look forward to reading what you have to say. Saying it condones rape is a stretch. What’s the real issue, the song itself or the video for the song?


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