“Juggalettes” Spotted in Gwangju

American culture 101, everyone. ICP isn’t a group, it’s a lifestyle; for there is no such thing as a casual fan of the holy Posse. Liking them means tithing every available dollar to stuff adorned with The Hatchet Man. It also means referencing them in every conversation and drinking Faygo by the 2-liter.

Thank you, Via Korea for reminding me (and surely, many others) that this stuff still exists. I’d forgotten it until now. ICP’s not something fit for exporting. And even though I’ve had the privilege of shooting pool with some cool Juggalos over the years, they’re among the strangest of the ESL-teaching expats over here.

As a side note, look forward to more reblogs from Via Korea, for we happen to agree on many things about Korea and he writes with style.


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