Delightfully sweet, bright crisp finish, and just a hint of beta.

I agree with the article and the commenters, but would like to add:

After reading Mentu’s story again, the “too good to be true” alarms went off when he talked about making plans with her. The plans sounded like too much, too soon.

While Mentu’s right to look back and see what he did wrong, the neighbor girl’s far from perfect herself. She took advantage of him and treated him like a butler. She should be lucky he even bought the wine. I get that he was being neighborly, but she has some nerve to tell a new acquaintance to buy her a bottle of wine. She didn’t even ask. Not only that, but she shifted the plans around as fast as she made them. Was she even going to do the original plan? Probably not.

Mentu was right to break contact with her. She wasn’t worthy of hanging out with.

He’s also right to note the plight of beta males, but let’s also remember that for all the handwringing those guys do, most of them crave female attention. They fear it and crave it at the same time. When they’re single, they’ll do anything they can for a girlfriend, but when they get one, they live in fear of her and her moods. It’s a sad way to live. I’d call it unfathomable, but it’s not. I was one of those guys in the past. There was a time when I would have done all the same things Mentu did and wondered what happened. Thankfully, through reading and applying the knowledge gleaned from sites like UMan and Dannyfrom504, I’ve come to know better.

Thanks to Stagedreality for reposting this.


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