ITLR: An Important Lesson- Dump Points

Dannyfrom504 delivers the goods when it comes to “blogging about women, horseshit, and food,” as his own banner so eloquently states. There are few things I can add to this post save for saying that more Danny’s words of wisdom will be posted here in the future. He’s someone who’s been around the world and has lived to tell about it. I’ve been reading his stuff for a while now and have always enjoyed it. See here for his breakdown of why he ditched a girl whom he thought wouldn’t enrich his life.


i’ve posted yesterday and quite an interesting discussion ensued. i posted on the the three pillars on how i go about rewarding a new woman with my time, resources, and ultimately commitment. go ahead and get caught up.

then i reference the “rule of threes”- taken from Natural Game

“what’s worked for me is what i call, the rule of 3′s. i know after 3 dates if i should continue seeing her. after 3 months i know if i want to keep at it, or bail. after another 3 month i will either commit, or not. most of the time if she makes it to 6 months, i want to commit to her.”

we up to speed- good.

well, a reader [HT/Seraph] made an astute observation.
“I totally get the logic of this viewpoint, but so many guys, myself included, don’t have anything near the proper mindset and experience to…

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