My stance on Fat Shaming

Lauded ‘Sphere blogger M3 lays it down here. In another characteristically thoughtful yet hard-driving post, he notes that the anti-Fat Shaming movement has more to do with making fat women socially acceptable than it does with promoting fatness. He focuses on the “Attractive and Fat” photos made by The Militant Baker (no link from me) and how she posed her portly self next to a slim and attractive young man. See the article for more.

Two side notes:

What’s with the tattoos? They’re all over her and do her no favors for boosting her attractiveness

Second, she should have chosen a better outfit if she wanted to be as “Attractive and Fat” as possible, for her T-shirt accentuates her belly fat. A tasteful dress would have been more effective. Oh well.


A lot has been said about the fat girl who posed with the slim built guy in protest of Abercrobie&Fitch.

I’m going to keep this short.

No one should be made to feel horrible or ashamed for how they look. No one. I don’t shame anyone for being fat in and of itself.

I have a problem with hypocrites tho, those who pretend to take a stand of sorts, which is standing for inequality and doing the easy thing.. not the hard thing.

No one can claim to deign what is and isn’t attractive to another human being. This is the lesson of the manosphere. Attraction just is. You being angry because a guy doesn’t find you sexually appealing because you are fat is no different than you not being attracted to the guy who lives in his moms basement at the age of 35 while playing WoW on Xbox…

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